My Fair Lady , Olney Theater Center

"A Higgins with the looks and presence of a matinee idol"
--Washington Post

"a major change in casting--a "Henry Higgins" who is young, handsome, virile, sexy, funny and a great dancer. Danny Bernardy is just plain superb in this role. It's 180 degrees away from Rex Harrison."

--Broadway World

"As Higgins, Bernardy is not only stiff-upper-lipped enough to convince us he’s actually British, but also well able to show us he’s actually annoyed to find himself falling in love.
And his agility- who knew Higgins could leap onto a three-foot tall desk?"
--DC Theatre Scene

"The head-turningly handsome Danny Bernardy takes on the role with just the right amount of arrogance and disdain....his amazing talent is displayed in a number of ways. His brilliant knack for satire, his hilarious physical comedy, and his effortless acrobatic dancing are wonderfully evident in “I’m an Ordinary Man" and “Hymn to Him." "

DC Metro Theatre Arts

for THE UNDERPANTS (Florida Studio Theatre):

“With the swagger that Danny Bernardy brings to Versati, he...pushes forward with poetry and panache." Marie J. Kilker,

"The dual role of Frank Versati and King is played with enthusiastic smarm by Danny Bernardy." Paula Atwell, Sarasota Observer

"Bernardy’s Herr Versati is a poetry-spouting, supremely confident man sure he can talk Louise out of more than her underpants; Charming performance(s)." Susan Rife, Herald-Tribune

“Mr. Bernardy (who) plays all the male characters, [is] funny-"! NY Times

“Danny Bernardy is the sole male cast member, bringing impressive energy and humor to several roles…"
Peter Santilli, AP

“Danny Bernardy…[in] his rendition of a manicurist at a Korean nail spa steals the show."! Suzy Evans, Backstage

“Danny Bernardy plays…the principal role as Buck, a hunky actor/bartender…[he] inhabit[s] [his] roles with lusty gusto"
--Frank Scheck, NY Post

“Danny Bernardy[’s] eye-catching hunky body and engaging portrayal of guys named Buck, Twilight Dude, Bourbon Cowboy, Naked Peter, and Goliath suggest the dreams and fantasies of the women. But his appearance as Eve hits a high note in the show." Irene Levine, DigitalWorks NBC Universal

“Danny Bernardy…cements this cast by portraying all of the male characters with sidesplitting results"—Walter Rutledge, Harlem World

“The guys, all nicely played by Danny Bernardy are a lot of fun. But he's hysterical as a woman - Eve, the Asian manicurist." Roma Torre, NY1

“Bernardy…plays a mish-mash of men…whom he nails (such as the lothario Goliath)…Bernardy's Eve, a crazy Asian woman…[is] laugh-out-loud " Iris Weiner,

“Danny Bernardy, the fourth and ambidextrous member of the cast played all the male characters; although, my favorite was Eve, the Oriental manicurist whose polish would make them all Shiny & New." Frances McGarry, First Online

“Danny Bernardy is all the men,… and hysterical."! Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles

“The ‘younger men,’ (are) all played with amazing acumen by the hot, hot, hot Danny Bernardy." Nightlife Exchange, Scott Barbarino